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The components on the Engage tab allow you to add several different layouts to any tab or component.

These default layouts offer up to three columns, since these are the most typically-required types of layouts.

Need more columns? You can customize the sizing of the elements in a layout to allow more elements in the same horizontal row.

An important concept to understand is that responsive design measures width in 12ths.

Something full-width is 12/12ths wide, something half-width is 6/12...

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Steps to add a Marker within an Image.

You can add the following elements within an Image: Label, Marker, Hotspot, Image, Stock Images, Character, Speech Bubble, Thought Bubble, Clipart, Icons, and shapes.

NOTE: If you have an action with an on-click trigger set on an element layered over an image (for example, a hotspot) plus an action with an on-click trigger set on the image element as a whole, both actions will be fired when the learner clicks on the layered element.

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Business and Enterprise level subscriptions have three types of users: admins, authors and reviewers. Reviewers only have review permissions for projects they are assigned. Both authors and admins have authoring capabilities, but admins have much more control than the standard author. The table below outlines the different capabilities of these two positions.

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