Issue with formatting Capture Step Text

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Posted   one year ago

I'm experiencing some strange issues in the Capture Step Text.

1. Use of apostrophe - To highlight key words in the step text I have made the word bold and enclosed with a pair of apostrophes e.g select the 'Home' button. Sometimes capture will put a space between the first apostrophe and the first letter e,g, ' Home'. It wont let me permanantly delete this space. When playing in show me/try me mode, the word with the space included after the first apostrophe will move down to the next row and split the sentence.  How do i resolve? I may try speech marks instead and see if the same issue occurs.

2. Line spacing - Line spacing between paragraphs looks ok in step text. However, in show me/try me mode, on some steps it is all bunched up together, with no spacing shown, despite it being present in the step text. Why is this and how do i resolve?

3. Text size - sometimes for no apparant reason, when pressing enter to form a space between paragraphs, the text will almost double in size. Why is this and how do i return it to normal size without rewriting the whole step?


Greatful for any advice





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one year ago     Luke Hickey     289   |   4  

Sending this to support to investigate with you.

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