Easily provide test launch access to your learners any point in your Project

dominKnow | ONE Projects include end screens that provide learners with access to the test after completing content.

Sometimes, though, you may wish to provide access to the test at some other point in the Project, for example on a simpler Conclusion page.

You can do this by adding a Take Test button to the page.

The Take Test button is automatically set up with an action to launch the test, so all you have to do is simply add the button, no extra set-up required. 

You can add a Take Test button from the Ribbon or from the Add to Your Page panel.

To add from the Ribbon:

  • Select the Insert tab (1)
  • Select Buttons (2)
  • Select the Take Test button (3)

To add from the Add to Your Page* panel in Claro or the Add a Section panel in Flow: 

  • Open the Add to Your Page/Add a Section panel (1) 
  • Select All Elements/All Sections (2)
  • Scroll down then select the Take Test button (3) in the Buttons section

You can also create a custom Take Test button by adding a Take Module Test Player Control action to any on a Page, such as an image.  

If you are adding the Take Test button to a Conclusion Page, it's also a good idea to set the page to disable the Next button.

With the Next button disabled, your learner won't be able to click it and advance to the end screen, which might cause confusion. 

To do this:

  • Select the Interact tab (1) in the ribbon
  • Select Disable Next (2) 
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