Question Pages and Inline Quiz components: different ways to add and use questions in any Project 

dominKnow | ONE has question pages available for use as either scored test questions or as non-scored practice questions.

There are also Inline Question Components available on both the Add to your Page panel and the Engage tab that can be added to any Page as non-scored questions.

Question Pages - for scored and non-scored questions

The Question Pages can be accessed:

  • With the Ribbon toggled on: On the Home tab via the Question button
  • With the Ribbon toggled off: On the panel to the left of the Stage via the Question button


Both of these open the Add a Question panel:


In the panel's left-side menu the Find a QuestionFrom a Project and From a Baseline options provide ways to search for existing questions in other Projects or Baselines to add into your current Project. 

Below that, the Menu is grouped into two categories:

  • Rapid
  • Custom



The Question Pages available under the first category, Rapid, all have a similar, universal design that will work with any Project no matter what design template you are using. In addition to consistency of learner experience, it also makes these question pages more suitable for duplicating into other Projects, as they won’t clash if the second project is using a different design template. From this perspective you can think of these as design-neutral.

These Question types include:

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Multiple Pulldowns
  • Multiple Choice (Text or Images) *
  • Matching *
  • Sequencing *
  • Hotspot Image *
  • Image Label Drag *
  • Scenario *
  • Software Simulation *

Question types identified with * above are wizard-based, with an easy-to-use step-by-step set up.


Under the second list, Custom, you’ll find all of the Question Pages that match each of the available Project Design templates.

The Starters list offers the questions that match the design of the project you are working in. If you are working in a Project based on a Blank design, you'll see Blanks listed here instead of Starters.

The question categories below that provide access to all the design versions of each question type.

When you select a question page, you can add it as a Question or as a Practice Question:


These provide two different uses for the question:

  1. As Question - This adds the page as a scored assessment question to be delivered as part of the scored Test the learner will take after completing the learning content pages.
  2. As Practice Question - This adds the page as a non-scored question as part of the learning content. These practice questions are a great way to create activities to help the learning process and help learners assess their understanding as they work through the content. 

Most of the functionality for the question pages is the same for both Test and Practice questions.

One difference is how a learner can re-take the question.

Test questions are presented to the learner as a complete test, so re-takes are done as a re-take of the whole set of test questions.

Practice questions, on the other hand, can have a set number of re-tries and you can turn off the Next and Back buttons so the learner has to correctly respond or run out of attempts before they can continue in the project.

When using question pages, you can only have one question on a page (because they're separate question pages).


One of the ways dominKnow | ONE is different from many tools is the flexibility you have with our question pages.

Although they're as easy to use as a template they are in fact fully-editable pages.

You can move elements around, add media files like images, audio or video - pretty much anything you can do with a regular authoring page you can also do on a question page whether it's a test or practice question.

Inline Quiz elements/components for non-scored question activities

On the Add to your Page panel the Quizzes section has options to add quiz components (or elements) to any page:

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Pulldowns
  • Fill In The Blanks
  • Click the Word
  • Drag the Word
  • Sorting

If you have the Ribbon toggled on, these are also available on the Engage tab in the Quizzes and Exercises section.

When you add one of these to a page, it's a component element and you double-click on it to edit it.

You can have as many inline quiz components on a page as you like.

The inline quiz components can only be used as non-scored questions on content pages. They can not be used as scored test questions.

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