Same publishing options, but new words and descriptions to make things clearer plus a new report for insight into Convey-hosted projects


The recent ATD International Conference and Exhibition gave us a chance to celebrate the past few years of work on our Convey dynamic Publishing service.

As part of that, we're changing how we describe the various options on the Share and Publish panels. The new descriptions make it clearer what the publishing options are and how they work, including the Convey publishing options.

The functionality hasn't changed, just the words on the two panels.

NOTE: Only clients currently using the Convey Dynamic Publishing for LMS/LRS/LXP option will see it on these interfaces at this time. 

We're also implementing some changes to the default availability of the Convey service itself.

Moving forward, new user teams will be able to have one active project published to Convey at a time. That can be either a Convey Dynamic Publishing Web Link (what we used to call the As a Public Link option) or a Convey Dynamic Publishing Link for your LMS.

If your team has already used the As a Public Link option for some projects, don't worry, those projects are not at risk at all. They'll continue to be active. 

If your team is already using the Convey Dynamic Publishing Link for your LMS, you'll see no changes at all. 

What is Convey?

Convey is dominKnow's dynamic publishing and content hosting service, and it's integrated into dominKnow | ONE.


Convey Dynamic Publishing for LMS/LRS/LXP

Convey can help you deliver content through your LMS more efficiently. You can publish a SCORM, AICC or CMI5 package to Convey then upload the Convey link package (often called a stub) into your LMS. After that, you can instantly update the content by republishing to Convey and the content will be immediately updated in your LMS with no need to download and upload new content packages.


Convey Dynamic Publishing Web Link

You can also publish content to Convey for informal or just-in-time learning, for example a searchable Knowledge Base link like our own Flow User Guide (made in dominknow | ONE, of course!). Content like job aids or searchable knowledge bases help your stakeholders while they work and can make a true difference in your organization's performance.


Check out the Convey page on our website as a starting point >> Convey.

Or send an email to and we'd be happy to walk you Convey and how it might help you.   

Convey Analytics Report

We're also rolling out a new report to provide usage analytics for Projects published to the Convey Dynamic Publishing service.

The report tracks Unique Users and Total Sessions, and can be viewed as a chart or as a date-based list. 

It's available under the Application Menu >> Reports.


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