Closing a Window when my Mobile Browser Won't

When you launch a course from the LMS or into a mobile app, and then click on the "Exit" button to leave the course, the course will typically close and return to the LMS. Unfortunately in some cases the LMS or mobile app will load the content into a frameset that will prevent this close. If you are faced with this situation there is an easy solution.

For the courses that have this problem, adjust their Publishing Profile and set any (or all of your courses) to use this new Profile or just update your default Publishing Profile to include this option.

  • Select Application Menu -> Publishing -> Publishing Profile


Now edit your desired Publishing Profile.

  • In the Behavior Tab add a JavaScript command of window.close();


Save your updates to the Publishing Profile, test out your change and your learners should now have no problem closing the browser window/course when clicking on the Exit option.

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