Bookmarking and starting from where learners leave off or starting completely over is your choice - or you can let it be your learner's choice

In elearning courses it's pretty typical that if the learner quits a session partway through a course, when they launch it again in the LMS they will be brought back to where they left off and can continue on from there.

In SCORM language, this is referred to as Auto Resume.

You might have contexts, though, where you don't want this behavior, and instead you do want the learner to start again at the beginning in a new session.

You might even want to give the learner a choice of either option. After all, if a long time has passed since the previous session, they might feel it's better to start all over.

You can control these options in the Publishing Profile.

In the Publishing Profile's Navigation section is an option, AutoResume.

It has three settings:

  • On - The learner will be taken to where they left off in the course in their previous session. This is the default setting.
  • Off - The learner will be required to start at the first page of the course when they launch it for a later session
  • Prompt - the learner will;l be shown. dialog box asking if they want to return to where they left off or start from the beginning. 

This article explains how to access the Publishing Profile settings as well as open the Publishing Profile Editor:

Accessing the Publishing Profile Settings for Your Project >> 

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