Create and assign custom author roles to have better control over authoring permissions

Administrators can set up and assign custom Author Roles to help control feature access and permissions. 

To access the Manage Roles panel for Author Roles, Administrators can:

  • Select the Application Menu (1)
  • Select Users (2)
  • Select Author Roles (3)

On the Role Manager panel for Authors, you can:

  • Add new roles
  • Edit or remove existing Roles

Adding a New Custom Author Role

To add a new custom author role:

  • Select Add Role (1)
  • Add a Title. You can also select Is Default to set the new role to be the default for new authors being invited moving forward, plus set an Expiry date for the role. Then, select or deselect the permissions you wish the role to have. (2)
  • Select Ok (3)

When you add a new role, the default-selected permissions on the Create Role panel reflect the permissions of the system Default author role.

Editing an Existing Custom Role

To edit an existing custom author role:

  • Select the Role (1)
  • Select Edit (2)
  • Make any required changes (3)
  • Select Ok (4)

Any Authors currently assigned to the edit role will now have the changed settings.

Available Permission Settings and System Default Author Settings 

On the Create and Edit Role panels, the permission settings are broken down into several categories (items in bold are the permission settings the system default author role has):


  • Can Create Blank Claro
  • Can Create Blank Flow
  • Can Create Capture
  • Can Invite Users
  • Can Access User List
  • Can Manage Reviews
  • Can Assign Authors
  • Can Use Recents
  • Can Use Baselines
  • Can Use Marketplace
  • Can Manage Publish Targets
  • Can Export Project
  • Can Import Project
  • Can Manage Company Assets
  • Can Import Project From PowerPoint


  • Can Publish
  • Can Publish Web
  • Can Publish LMS
  • Can Publish LRS
  • Can Publish Convey
  • Can Share
  • Can Publish Document
  • Can Publish Desktop
  • Can Download Packages
  • Can See Publish Report
  • Can Delete Publishes


  • Can Archive Glossaries
  • Can Create Glossaries
  • Can Edit Glossaries
  • Can Remove Glossaries


  • Can Change Theme Player Properties
  • Can Add Theme CSS
  • Can Add Theme JS
  • Can Manage Themes

Assigning an Author to a Custom Author Role

This lesson outlines the steps to assign an Author to a custom Author Role.

View the lesson page >> 

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