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    00:00  Select Media Library Icon in the upper most tool bar. It's the one that is to the left of the word Publish.
    00:03  Select the search field where it says "Enter a search term".
    00:06  Type: flow Press ⏎
    00:09  Select image named FlowLogo_460x460.
    00:12  Select Actions arrow in the Properties panel.
    00:15  Select Edit option.
    00:18  Select Description field and add a description. A description has been written for you here.
    00:21  Click in Tags field and enter the tags. A few tags will be added for you here.
    00:24  Review your Title, Description, and Tags for accuracy. Select Ok button.
    00:27  Select Close button to close Media Library.
    00:30  Steps completed
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