Step 1

Select Review.

Step 2

The Review panel opens. Select Add Reviewers.

Step 3

The Assign Reviewers or Authors panel opens. Select Invite Users.

Step 4

The Invite Users panel opens. You can add up to eight email addresses in the Emails field. Select the Emails field and we'll add an email address for you.

Step 5

Ensure the Role drop down list is set for Reviewer. You can use the Teams list to add the new Reviewer to a Team, if any have been set up. Select Add.

Step 6

The reviewer is added to the invitation list. Select Invite All

Step 7

On the confirmation screen, select Done.

Step 8

The new Reviewer is shown on the Available tab as a Pending Invite until they complete their first login and set up their account. Select the user.

Step 9

Select Assign.

Step 10

The user, now assigned to the Project, is no longer shown on the Available tab. Select the Assigned tab.

Step 11

You can see the Reviewer is now on the Assigned tab. To unassign, you can select the user then select Unassign. Select Done.

Step 12

The Assign Reviewers or Authors panel will close.

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