Step 1

Select the Interact tab.

Step 2

Select Triggers.

Step 3

Select Is Changed under Variables.

Step 4

Select the Select a Variable dropdown.

Step 5

Select the MarkerClicked (number) Variable.

Step 6

Select Ok.

Step 7

Select Equal to under Number.

Step 8

Select the Enter Value Input Box to add 2.

Step 9

Select Next.

Step 10

Select Show under Hides and Shows.

Step 11

Select Next.

Step 12

Select Label within the Video Element under Page Actions and Timings.

Step 13

Make sure Set "Hidden on Load" for targets is selected. Select Apply.

Step 14

Select Done.

Step 15

The Trigger is now set to show the Continue label when MarkersClicked is equal to 2. Once the user clicks the blue and green Markers within the Video Element, the Continue label will show.

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