dominKnow | ONE’s scenario builder makes it easy to create branching activities.

There’s no programming so it's easy to use. Plus, it’s fully responsive so it will work great on any screen.

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     Asked 2 years ago    bouldrickd      36   |   4  
    I have a scenario where multiple characters are having a conversation (collaborating), then based upon collaboration, the learner has to perform tasks. Can I add multiple characters to the same scenario or is this a one-to-one?
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       Answered one year ago    Chris Van Wingerden      1347   |   7  
      <p>The Scenario Builder only supports a conversation between the learner and one character. </p><p>You can, though, build your own conversation between two characters directly on the page using custom actions, etc. One way some clients do this is to use character images and show speech bubbles with next buttons with Show actions to show the next character's response and move through the conversation.    </p>