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There are a variety of steps you can take to optimize before you import a PowerPoint file into dominKnow | ONE to ensure you get the best results. Depending on what version of PowerPoint and how old, the default screen ratio can be 4:3 or 16:9.  16:9 is the latest ratio for newer presentations. dominKnow | ONE recommends and prefers the 16:9 ratio. If you can use that format, or change your slide's format to 16:9, your results should be better.


PowerPoint Size 

The size of your PowerPoint file matters. In many cases people will put in images that are really much larger than they need to be for the web. Before uploading your PowerPoint, we recommend you optimize all images for Web (or even Email) output. This will speed up the conversion process, produce a better loading course, and generally have zero downsides. There are many articles on the web that explain how to do this, but here is one if you are unsure. We recommend you apply compression to all images. 

You can find a full article that covers how to optimize and consider PPT master slides, Fonts, videos and audio, grouped items, external links, animations, and more. Please refer to the full PowerPoint import tips article in the dominKnow | ONE community.  


PowerPoint “How to” in the dominKnow | ONE Community 

Bulk Import (.zip)

Bulk Importing (.zip)

You can bulk upload media assets to the dominKnow | ONE Media Library. Place your optimized assets in a folder and compress the folder creating a .zip file.  


In the Media Library, select the Import Zip. The upload process will unpack the zip file to store the assets and will provide you with a dialog box to add Description, Tags and other metadata for each asset in the zip file. 


Other ways to import media assets

  • Select upload and pick image 
  • Select upload and multi-select images 
  • Drag and drop the asset into your workspace
  • Ctrl C (copy) and Ctrl V (paste) - Note the media does not optimize, so make sure it is optimized as appropriate
  • Contact dominKnow services about mass upload service work


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