Quickly and easily update a Capture lesson across all Projects where it has been used

You can quickly update a Capture lesson in the Media Library.

Once the file is updated, the changes will be available in all places the Capture lesson has been used, no matter what behavior mode has been set.

With the Capture lesson selected in the Media Library, select Actions:



Select Replace:



A dialog box will open.

Select Open Capture:



The dialog box will change to show a target for replacing the Capture file.

Capture will open, and you can now open the file you need to edit and make your changes. Once you have finished your edits, publish the file using the Share >> Publish for Authoring option. 

When the simulation file has been published, drag the lesson thumbnail on the Publish For Authoring panel to the target dialog box:



The updated Capture lesson file will be uploaded and the dialog box will close.

Once the upload is complete, you can confirm that the Capture file was replaced in the Media Library by checking the Last Modified On date:



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