Third-party Open Source Widget for 360-Degree Images 

This free, open source 360-degree image viewer can be added to a dominKnow | ONE page as an HTML Widget element

Although dominKnow | ONE doesn't currently have native support for 360-degree images, this open source option has worked well when added to a page as an HTML Widget element in our testing.

It's from the team at Live Blogger.

Here it is in action in an example Flow Project:

360-Degree Image Viewer Example Project >> 

Here's where to find the widget on GitHub, where you can download it:

360-degree Image Viewer >>

And for the programming-minded, here's a YouTube Video on how it was created (although you don't need to know these details just to use it as-is in dominKnow | ONE):

How To Embed 360 Degree Panoramic Image To Your Website - Live Blogger >>

Using the 360-Degree Image Viewer as an HTML Widget in dominKnow | ONE

Once you download the package from GitHub, you can easily change the image in the Images folder.

If your replacement image has the same name as the existing image you won't need to alter the index.html file. 

If you do edit the index.html file you can also change the default text to something other than "Hi, Welcome"

Once you make those changes, you can follow the steps in this article to prepare the package as a zip for uploading then adding it to your page as an HTML Widget element:

Working With HTML Widget Elements >>

The caveat and defensive legal statement: Although this widget worked well in our testing, the dominKnow team didn't create it so we can't offer any tech support for it or make any guarantees about its performance, etc.  

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