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    00:00  Select Insights in the quick links row.
    00:04  The Insights panel will open over the Stage. The Project Resource section is in the last column of the Insights panel. Select the last navigational dot to go there.
    00:08  In the Project Resources section, select Attach Resources.
    00:12  The Course Resource Manager panel will open. Select Add Resource.
    00:16  If you haven't already uploaded the file, you can use the Upload option to carry out the upload process. For this example, we've already uploaded the file to the Media Library. Select From Library.
    00:20  The Media Library will open. Select Policies Document.
    00:24  Select Select.
    00:28  The Policies Document PDF file is now shown on the Course Resource Manager panel. Select Close.
    00:32  The Policies Document PDF is now shown in the Project Resources section of the Insights panel.
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