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    00:00  Select + Add to your Page
    00:04  Select All Elements.
    00:08  Scroll down to the Media section. Select Video.
    00:12  Select Upload.
    00:16  Select the video file.
    00:20  Select Open.
    00:24  You'll see that the Poster Image box says "No Poster Selected". The poster image is shown to the learner when the video is not playing. If no poster image is set then the learner will see a grey box. Select Take Snapshot to add the first frame of the video as a Poster image. (You can also scrub the preview timeline above to choose a different frame.)
    00:28  You can add a Table of Contents to the video as well as a Closed Captioning file. Select the Description field and we'll add the description text.
    00:32  Select the tags field and we'll add the tags for this video file.
    00:36  Select Ok.
    00:40  The video file will now be shown selected in the Media Browser. Select Insert.
    00:44  The video is added to the page.
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