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How do I swap/toggle buttons in Flow when changing the state of a Capture sim? I'm wanting my buttons/content to do the same thing it does in the Authoring in DominKnow guide.

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Hi, I have a set of toggle/check boxes on page 1 that I have to show a value for the ones selected on page 2. I have a trigger that sets a string variable value when the toggle boolean variable is true. The user also has the option to back to page 1 (from page 2) and change their choice but I can't seem to figure out how to update the string variable values when they uncheck the toggle making the boolean variable value false. I do not have any triggers or conditions to set the string variable...

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When I play a full course preview, it jumps down 3 modules to one I've lableled main menu (because there is other content they need to complete first) versus starting at the beginning of the course where it should. I have cleared cache, closed the browser, relaunched dominKnow, and it still performs the same. Any idea why it's doing this?

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We are creating a course with a story view theme. As you know, clicking the menu icon brings up the left panel. We have found that we can complete the course by clicking on the learning object in the left panel even without reading the whole content.
We want to prevent the learner from completing the course by just clicking the left panel without reading the entire content. 
Is there any way to prevent the learner from clikcing the left panel?

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I have a set of variables like var1, var2, var3.
When all variables have a value of 1, I want o set variable part1 to 1 or any other value.
I know that I could use a trigger everytime var# changes to 1 and check a condition if the other 2 vars are 1, then set part1 to 1, but it's not very efficient and gets messy if we add more variables to track.
Is there a way to constantly monitor the values of var1, var2 and var3 and when all are 1, set the new variable?
Thank you!

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I'm trying to 1.) upload a PDF resource, and 2.) add a link to that resource in a richtext box. I keep trying to upload the PDF, but it won't appear in my project's assets, even in the same dialog I'm using to upload it. It's like it's just ignoring the PDF. But even if I could get that to work, I can't find any information about how to add a text link to document resources. Is that explained anywhere?

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I'm trying to get branching to work in a course that I'm building in Claro, and it's becoming clear that it simply lacks the ability to do anything but the most rudimentary of content-skipping. Will this be improved in the coming update? 
For what it's worth, here's what the course should do (and it can't):

User selects their role from two options on page one in Intro module, marking one of two boolean variables I created (I opted for separate variables in case more roles need to be added l...

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Is there a way to bypass the pre-test based on an assigned variable (either custom or system) when I learner indicates that they are a new hire employee and force them through all of the content? If the pre-test cannot be bypassed, is there a way to make their score null/void so they are forced through the content based on the variable that says they are a new hire?

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How do I set up an action to evaluate a variable to perform a certain task if the variable is equal to 1 or True (depending on what type of variable I'm using), but have it perform a different action if the variable is not equal to 1 or True (let's say 0 or 2 or False)? I'm not seeing wher I can enter the "else" part of the action. Do I need to enter it as a separate action? If so, does dominKnow read actions in the order they are stacked?

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Hello there - we've been getting some complaints about the number of clicks it takes to get through a Practice Question. Is there a setting that allows the feedback to be instant (eliminating a submit button, which to me would not be logical) - or to automatically advance the page after the feedback popup is closed?
Tried adding an action on the default submit to go to the next page... would be great if there were something that would trigger that on popup close.
I think we could customize so...

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