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Hi, when I play a video file in full screen mode it exits full screen mode at the end of the video. Is there a way to keep the video open in full screen at the end of the video?

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Can you tell me who or what resets a course if a learner does not pass the testing after 3 attempts?

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I currently have a project that was developed in Claro that includes quite a few target pages to incorporate branching. The customer wants to eliminate any type of branching or extraneous clicking and has asked that I make the project linear. Is there a way for me to convert the target pages to main pages? Or do I need to redo every page from scratch? When I click on new page from existing project the only options I get are "Structure" and "Master". 

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Hi there ... trying to swap images on a page inside tabset and cannot see a target for another image. Checked here:


and it looks like the accordion is not opening to show me the secrets. Hep?

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Seems like it should be quite simple but when the menu for "show" displays, the elements are rows and rich text. The icons I put on the graphic are not visible to select as trigger targets. Is there another method? (Markers do not work in my classroom environment.)

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Asking if the Review function takes place on the host platform with LMS and LRS capabilities or does Review spawn a local copy of Claro for each learner with no connection to the host LMS or LRS?
Wondering if it is possible to have learners Review a project while learner data (xAPI) is gathered in the LRS.

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Hi there! I am attempting to develop a project in dominKnow on a long scrolling page. I would like to show a section of content until it reaches an interaction (carousel, tabs, accorrdion etc). I then want the next section of content to appear until a new interaction. 

I know I can do this by setting up triggers, however when the elements appear, I would like it to have scroll fx, not just be there. Is it possible to link a show effect to a trigger as well as scroll fx?

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Hi there ...

I see that when I create a glossary term, I can choose to add it to the site's Global Glossary and/or if the project is part of a Collection (or more than one Collection) I can add it to the Collection glossaries. What if I don't select either option? Is the term added to a global or just local to the lesson?


How do I remove terms (for example, misspelled ones) from the list (or containing glossary)?


Do you have a topic written for best practices? I'm anticipa...

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WCAG 2.1 says we should be able to zoom to 200% in the browser without loss of content, but at 150% our content runs off the page, with no horizontal scroll. We've checked in the publishing profiles and theme settings to see if zoom functions are limited but can't find anything. How do we prevent this loss of content at zoom from happening? Our content is in Flow. 

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