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I have tried to download an Instructor's Guide from the Publish sub menu and have been unable.  I tried clearing my cache and restarting but still unable to download the document.  Please advise

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Is there any way to use the built in variables with Element States? I'm assuming not since they aren't available in the drop-down, but I thought I would ask :)

I want to customize the display of an image on the Module summary screen based on the performance of a Pre-test score, so would like to be able to access {{sys.currentModule.pretestscore}} .



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I want to change the style and add some interactivity to flip cards and tab table elements. Can I add html, css, javascript to flip cards or other elements and if so, what is the workflow?

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I had a question about how I can make my menu active to navigate by clicking on the page a student might want to get to?  Ex: the hamburger menu icon is set to a pop up and it branches out to the pages but when it opens the text with the page options are not active, like a real menu would be. What do I have to do to make them active and let the student jump to pages when they click on an option?
I read through the menu options in the community, but I didn't see a clearly defined answer, it go...

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Is there a plan to add ARIA/html labels to the controls/buttons in the player navigation bars so that screen readers pick these up in the page hierarchy? Currently, the pause/play button, back buttons, menu buttons, etc. are marked Unlabelled on the NVDA page elements list (accessed by pressing CapsLock + F7).

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I am still getting an error message and I am unable to review my work. The page stalls and never loads. I removed all connections to severe any target ties and I am unable to move past this issue. all my pages continue to have red highlights, I went through the page structure and actions and I can't find any issues.

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I just started getting this message, I look through the Target Tree but I don't see anything that would indicate a missing page. Is there another way to find out what the missing target page is?

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I'm creating a Knowledge Base and adding our branding to the theme. I've changed the page titles (for the menu panels on the landing page) to our brand colour but DKO seems to be creating its own colour for visited and unvisited pages, regardless of the colours I add. Please can you advise.

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Is there a way to remove the numbering from the course pages in the outline (using the course player experience)? I've removed the learning objects. The numbering doesn't help with navigation and it doesn't make for a good screen reader experience.

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I have added a multiple choice question to an existing page. One answer is correct. I want to offer multiple attempts at the question but I want my own incorrect feedback to show when their answer is incorrect, before they select try again. When I turn off multiple attempts the incorrect feedback shows, but I can't work out how to have both options.

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