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I was told during the demo we could create themes that can be applied to projects, but I can only see pre-made themes. Where can I create a theme for my company to use? 

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Is there a way I can make all the pages in a storyline theme accessible straight away? Currently you need to view them in a linear order, but I want people to be able to jump around as they want. 

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I have a module set up where a download is displayed after the user has watched a video. Is there a way for the system to save that status for when the user returns? Right now when the user returns they have to watch the video again to reveal the download. 

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How can I move the Instruction Text and the Question text up or down on Assessment pages? These two elements don't allow for any movement on the page and the fields must contain the appropriate corresponding text to allow for accurate LMS reporting. 

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A page suddenly appeared in my project that I am unable to delete.  The page info says it was created by my co-worker, and I must edit it before I can delete it.  When I hit the Edit button, I get a popup that says, "This page is currently being edited by another user, or you don't have permissions to edit it."  My co-worker says they didn't insert this page into my project, but did copy a page from my project, which is nothing like the page that suddenly appeared..  How do I get rid of this ...

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I've been working on a project lately where to get the exact design I want, I needed to add a decent amount of my own CSS. I filled up the 3000 character limit in the theme CSS by the time I had gotten 1/4 the way through my project and then had to shift the design. My feature request below would reduce the issue I faced.
In my particular case, I needed to add my own CSS styling to many 'groups' to get exactly what I wanted. When inspecting and grabbing the CSS class, each group had it's own ...

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I'm attempting to use a system varialbe to pass data to an external IFrame. Is there syntax that will work? (I'm using the video embed option to get access to an IFrame). I'm using something like the following, but I've also tried with single braces. 
Edit: wow I can't seem to escape this HTML! 

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The Keyboard Sequential Override (CTRL + ALT + F) works fine for PC users however one of our reviewers is on a MAC and they cannot use this key sequence (no ALT button). They tried using CTRL + CMD + F however this does not seem to work either. Is there a key sequence for MAC users?

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I have an audio clip on a page in Flow. Is there a way to keep the Next button disabled until the audio has finished playing? I have it set to enable after all the content on the page has been viewed, but the client wants it disabled until the audio has finished.
I have used the "Element is complete" trigger, but it enables the Next button as soon as I start the audio, rather than after it has finished playing.

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Hello. On the Results page of an Assessment (where it tells you if you passed or failed), how do I suppress View Content Again?
Where do I go if I want to edit this page?

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I have disabled the Next navigation button on a Flow page. There are two clickable elements on the page that the learner must open before proceeding to the next page. How can I keep the Next button disabled until both elements have been clicked? The order in which they are clicked is not important.

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I am trying to lay several hot spots over an .svg image but once inserted, the hotspot covers the entire graphic and apprears to be infinitely wide (you cannot reach the right border to resize it. The size controls which default to 80 x 80 do not have an effect.
Could you confirm this for me or let me know if I need to use a differnt method to inser the hotspot.
best regards

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