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I have developed the custom activity in Dominknow flow 2, where we have lot of buttons. On clicking each button learning material will open on youtube and linkedin
User can click any six button out of 18 button to complete the course. Right now i triggering completion on reaching the completion page
Can i pass the score to LMS through action, without adding any assessment quesitons

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Hi Everyone,
I've built a page, including interactions, tested it in Preview, and then realized I wanted to break a section or row into 2 separate sections or rows for design reasons. This happens from time to time, and I usually re-build that portion of the page or ceate a new row, copy and paste to move the content there, then delete it from the former row. That can become a huge time suck, and the interactins can get a little dicey as well. I'm wondering if there's a better or easier way t...

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Love the new feature where you can share projects across DominKnow | One instances!   Of course, I have to ask, can you share an entire collection, avoiding the need to share each individual project?

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I'm building a quiz, and I want my "correct" box to show up only when all answers are chosen, and my "incorrect" box to show up when any other answer or combination of answers are chosen.

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I added an input box to my project for users to enter their ID #, however there is no button or option to "submit" or "enter" once they type in their ID in the box. 
How can I gather the info that is submitted through the input box? 

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I am using the Course Player theme. I need all course pages to show on the initial menu, rather than having to select Outline > Course Page, but the theme doesn't allow any changes to that menu item. It does offer several custom menu items I can add, however, it doesn't seem to allow me to choose course pages as the destinations, just URLs. 

Is there a way to edit the Outline menu option, or use the custom menu options to point to the pages inside the course to bypass the Outline menu ...

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How do you trigger a show action for an icon that is on one page, but the trigger action is the completion of another page? 

I selected the page > clicked Trigger > When this page is completed > Show Action > then the only items I can select are on the same page that I am using as a trigger. I can't figure out where to select an image on another page to show on completion. The search only returns items on the same page, too.

Do I have to create a custom variable or am I missing ...

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I cannont find my past creations(course that I created 6 months or more ago) at BROWSE tab. How can I find all my creations?
Thank you for your support in advance! 

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We are going to be transitioning to DominKnow soon and I'm trying to learn how the Library functions.  Are Boolean searches possible within a Library search for Media?  Our library will become huge very quickly and we will need a way to pair down our searches.  Is this possible?
Thank you,

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We have several developers responsible for maintaining our projects.  We see the dashboard as a potentially very useful way to communicate status/life cycle, changes made, if a new export is needed, etc.  Currently, we use the checklist to communicate parts of status, we use the life cycle, we use review periods.  We are starting to leave commit notes that comment on an update made but wonder how we might leverage the dashboard further to know if updates were made and if a new export is neede...

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