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I have added a multiple choice question to an existing page. One answer is correct. I want to offer multiple attempts at the question but I want my own incorrect feedback to show when their answer is incorrect, before they select try again. When I turn off multiple attempts the incorrect feedback shows, but I can't work out how to have both options.

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When using the open a popup action in Flow, is there a way to add hyperlinked text in the popup? There's some formatting options for the content but I don't see a way to include hyperlinked text.



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We are using Workday as our LMS. In the publishing profile, we have the completion certificate box checked but it is not displaying for our users at the completion of the course. Is there a way to display completion certificates within Workday once the course is competed?

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Is there a way to change the size of the body text style? I'm wary of choosing heading styles for body text because of the risk of skipping heading levels and being less accessible as a result, but the body text seems a little too small. I can see how to edit heading level styles but not paragraph/body text.

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In authoring tools, whenever we have exported an XML/XLS file, sent it to translators, and then imported it back into the project, we will often send it for Quality Assurance testing. The testers often request revisions. In other authoring tools, we can ask the translators to simply update the XML/XLS file, and then send up the updated XML/XLS file, which we then import to the project, and choose to overwrite the language strings in the project, overwriting old strings with the re...

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What's the best practice advice for ensuring glossary terms within a page are accessible to those using assistive technology? When I add a glossary term to a word, the screen reader will read the word as a link and then you can use the keyboard to open that glossary text box. However, this method doesn't recognise the glossary link when using the screen reader to search the hierarchy of the page. I've also tried adding a lightbox action to a word as a glossary pop-up. This is recognised by th...

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The TLDR on what I'm trying to do is, I have users going through scenarios and I will allow them to open up a knowledge base (the Flow knowledge base) in a lightbox, where the knowledge base is being iframed in via a website on that lightbox. This works great on a desktop/laptop, but when I go to mobile, the lighbox only takes up a small portion of the vertical height. I tried going through the CSS to see if I could figure it out, but no luck. I'd like the lightbox to take up the e...

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Hi, I have an issue with the video player controls not working for my client. Specifically they want to be able to move forward and back in the course videos. In our preview it works but when they upload it to their system it doesn't work.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

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Some Themes have the capability to view the Resources (including both documents and links) which is nice because the system automatically compiles them.
Is there a way to find out what page the link is coming from though? Perhaps via a report or something else that I'm missing?
This would be useful if someone reports a broken link found within the resources menu, but we dont know what slide that link is on. It would also help us find links that we possibly forgot to add a title to (and theref...

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"I have a page with a lot of text and four links. While clicking on these links is not required to proceed to the next page, I want to set up the 'disable previous' page and 'enable next' page buttons on this page. This means that visitors will have to scroll down to the end of the page before the next button becomes available and they can proceed. I'd like to avoid using the navigation functions on the ribbon pane, if possible, and just use triggers or actions. 

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Hi is it possible to create 1 project with all the questions and have multiple projects pull from the 1 project/repository so that when a question gets updated within the repository it affects all the projects that use this question?

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Let's say I have a toggle that sends an xAPI statement when clicked. How do I prevent another xAPI statement from being sent if the learner changes the toggle? Technically, they could toggle back and forth sending a statement each time and my LRS admin would kill me--he would have to weed through the incorrect ones.  

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I created my CC srt file in Adobe Premier Pro and applied colour/font details, but these don't pull through when added to an MP4 in DKO. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to edit the CC styles within DKO?

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