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Steps to add an oversized high res image to a page.

By default when you upload an image, if the width or height is greater than 1200 it will be resized to 1200px in the largest dimension as part of the upload.
We do this to help ensure that learners aren’t faced with slow download times for images that are much larger than their display size in the content you make.

But sometimes you will have a use case for an image that’s larger than 1200px, so there’s a special upload process for that.

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This lesson shows the steps to create a Primary Footer to display a copyright statement on every page in a Project.

You can use the same steps to create Primary or Alternate Headers and Alternate Footers.

Headers and Footers can be any design you like and can display any information you need.

In a Flow project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Sections at the top or bottom of content pages.

In a Claro project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Layers over top of conte...

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