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Posted   2 years ago


I'm trying to make a simple activity, where I want the learners to drag and image into the correct bin. 

Something like the sorting activity that's there but using images to sort. Is there a way to add images to the sorting activity? 

This is only meant to be a low stakes, light interactive, so I would like for it to be inline, with imediate feedback as the person drags each card.

Is this possible?  




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Posted   2 years ago

We don't currently support images in the Card Sorting widget. We did add a new Sequencing practice or quiz question type last summer. 

As a practice or quiz page type it doesn't insert inline in a learning page. But you can build any other type of content around the Sequencing exercise. We do plan to make these new page types into inline widgets in the future. No eta on that plan. 

See the attached show me to see how it works. Or from the insert question button  select Sequencing to play with it. Sequencing uses a "card" style that supports image, text or images and text caption. 


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