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    00:00  Select the Design tab.
    00:04  Select New Variant.
    00:08  The Theme Designer opens. The Theme Designer has two set-up panels - Styles and Player. On the Styles panel you set up the page-level content styles such as branding colors, font familes and sizes and more. Select the Player option at the top.
    00:12  On the Player panel you can only edit the color and branding options. When creating a Variant of a Theme, you can not alter the functional settings such as what is displayed on the navigation bar or the options available under the menu. Select Done.
    00:16  The Theme Deatils panel will display the title, subtitle and description of the parent theme. Edit these to be relevant to the new variant. Select Save.
    00:20  On the Design tab, the Variant is now shown beside the parent Theme. The Variant is also assigned to the current project.
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