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Could you set up a variable that would allow the learner to change the colour combinations of the background/text across a whole course (providing approx. 3 options) to suit their preference? We are developing content for neuro diverse young people and to help their comfort levels / engagement, the client wanted to offer an option to switch as required? We have explored doing this with a button that switches all text elements and made the formatting change there but it will not affect the bac...

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I am in the process of creating a course that is immersive by incorporating 360 media, predominantly 360 photos. Does DominKnow support 360 media assets that allow the student to interact and explore within the player? If not, is there an HTML player that can be used to support this?

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In this episode we talk with Jo Cook to discuss her research with Jane Daly, Behavioral Scientist specializing in evidence-based culture and capability transformation. Jo was with us last December to discuss early insights of this research, so we’re excited to have her back to see what has and hasn’t changed in the past 12 months!

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