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Hi, when I play a video file in full screen mode it exits full screen mode at the end of the video. Is there a way to keep the video open in full screen at the end of the video?

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Can you tell me who or what resets a course if a learner does not pass the testing after 3 attempts?

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I currently have a project that was developed in Claro that includes quite a few target pages to incorporate branching. The customer wants to eliminate any type of branching or extraneous clicking and has asked that I make the project linear. Is there a way for me to convert the target pages to main pages? Or do I need to redo every page from scratch? When I click on new page from existing project the only options I get are "Structure" and "Master". 

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Hi there ... trying to swap images on a page inside tabset and cannot see a target for another image. Checked here:


and it looks like the accordion is not opening to show me the secrets. Hep?

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Seems like it should be quite simple but when the menu for "show" displays, the elements are rows and rich text. The icons I put on the graphic are not visible to select as trigger targets. Is there another method? (Markers do not work in my classroom environment.)

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