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Steps to add a Timer to a Page.

Timers are one of many features found under the Insert tab.

A Timer can be added to a page to time a user, apply timed actions to elements, create a timed quiz and much more!

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Is it possible to have all quiz modals to have the same tabs? Specifically, the sorting modal has a Style tab that the other quiz modals don’t have.

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I'm experiencing some strange issues in the Capture Step Text.
1. Use of apostrophe - To highlight key words in the step text I have made the word bold and enclosed with a pair of apostrophes e.g select the 'Home' button. Sometimes capture will put a space between the first apostrophe and the first letter e,g, ' Home'. It wont let me permanantly delete this space. When playing in show me/try me mode, the word with the space included after the first apostrophe will move down to the next row an...

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The dominKnow | ONE Games Development Workshop is a virtual, instructor-led training class that focuses on the advanced uses of objects, actions, variables, and conditions to create sophisticated game-like learning activities. Through hands-on exercises you will experience best practices that apply to real projects right away.

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