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This lesson shows the steps to create a Primary Footer to display a copyright statement on every page in a Project.

You can use the same steps to create Primary or Alternate Headers and Alternate Footers.

Headers and Footers can be any design you like and can display any information you need.

In a Flow project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Sections at the top or bottom of content pages.

In a Claro project, Headers and Footers are added as additional Layers over top of conte...

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Good morning!
I've already created an action for the player controls to have the "next" button accessible only once the page content has been viewed, but I have an additional "next" button at the bottom of my Flow page. How do I also make this only accessible once the learner has viewed all of the page content (including flip cards, tabs, etc.)?
Thank you!

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I would like to change the background colour of the default header that shows when I preview the full project. How do I do that? I can see where I can create one, but I just want to change the colour.

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After submitting answers to a Question, is there a way to make feedback checkmarks appear on the right side of all correct answer choices regardless of the user selection? (instead of just the ones they picked?) 
We are finding challenges with color alone being an indicator.

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I'm using the action Invalidate Module to create a course with multiple possible endings.  In module 1, the learner makes a selection which then invalidates either module 2 or module 2. However, one of the requirements is that learners can change their minds and choose another ending/path at any point before completing the course.  If I simply return the learner to the page where they take the action (click a button) that triggers Invalidate Module, does that refresh the selection?  Or does t...

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is there a way to input a full width image? so you open your program in a web browser it goes full width?

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