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David Vance joins #IDIODC to discuss how to improve your measurement capability and advance the measurement maturity of your organization. We'll discuss, and refresh our minds, on the talent development reporting principles framework and measurement strategy.

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Is there a way I can make all the pages in a storyline theme accessible straight away? Currently you need to view them in a linear order, but I want people to be able to jump around as they want. 

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I have a module set up where a download is displayed after the user has watched a video. Is there a way for the system to save that status for when the user returns? Right now when the user returns they have to watch the video again to reveal the download. 

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How can I move the Instruction Text and the Question text up or down on Assessment pages? These two elements don't allow for any movement on the page and the fields must contain the appropriate corresponding text to allow for accurate LMS reporting. 

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A page suddenly appeared in my project that I am unable to delete.  The page info says it was created by my co-worker, and I must edit it before I can delete it.  When I hit the Edit button, I get a popup that says, "This page is currently being edited by another user, or you don't have permissions to edit it."  My co-worker says they didn't insert this page into my project, but did copy a page from my project, which is nothing like the page that suddenly appeared..  How do I get rid of this ...

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