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A Chrome plugin that will assist you in simulating different disability situations and testing your content. It is meant to provide some general guidance, but not provide a definitive answer for a given disability.

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Is there any way to use the built in variables with Element States? I'm assuming not since they aren't available in the drop-down, but I thought I would ask :)

I want to customize the display of an image on the Module summary screen based on the performance of a Pre-test score, so would like to be able to access {{sys.currentModule.pretestscore}} .



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I want to change the style and add some interactivity to flip cards and tab table elements. Can I add html, css, javascript to flip cards or other elements and if so, what is the workflow?

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I had a question about how I can make my menu active to navigate by clicking on the page a student might want to get to?  Ex: the hamburger menu icon is set to a pop up and it branches out to the pages but when it opens the text with the page options are not active, like a real menu would be. What do I have to do to make them active and let the student jump to pages when they click on an option?
I read through the menu options in the community, but I didn't see a clearly defined answer, it go...

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