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I am creating a knowledge check and I want to use an emoji  as part of the feedback for the learner, smiley face when correct; thinking face when incorrect.  When setting the trigger type, I clicked element but it does not give me the option to select when correct answer is submitted, so I'm thinking I have to select variable.  How do I set the variable so the state changes when the learner selects the correct or incorrect answer?


Thank you


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We are preparing to use the story view template for our tutorials. Is there a certain time length you recommend we don't exceed with these? The chapters and sections on the side make it easy to separate information out, but curious if there is a limit for how much we put in there. 

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Hi, I added a tooltip to the word "hover" in one of my projects. However, when previewing the project, the tooltip does not appear when I hover, instead if I click on the tooltip it will then appear. I have the tooltip inside a flip card. When I click on the word 'hover' the flip card flips and then shows the tooltip. This is not the action I was wanting. 

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Where can I learn more about the object structure when using LOs? I am trying to create some baseline content ... can I have an LO at the project level? Or does the project need to be a course, have a module, and then an LO for me to move LO content to a new project (at the course level)? 
Can I commit content per LO, or must it be per-page? What do the icons mean, such as Pr? Or is that determined by my local system administrator?
I copied a graphic into a page. I thought it would magically ...

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Hello, I have noticed that when there is an accordion used that has a nested carousel it creates a glitch of some sort with the action "when the element is complete" - "Enable Next Button". Sometimes the next button is not triggered at all, and other times when you move forward and then back to that page it will show all the boxes selected but the next button will be disabled again. This creates a problem as then the user can no longer move forward through the pages. Is there any suggested fi...

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